Marylanders Describe Deep Impact from Coronavirus in New Statewide OpinionWorks Poll

Widespread Financial Hardship, Profound Worry, and Postponement of Major Decisions

(Annapolis, May 22) A new statewide survey of Marylanders conducted by OpinionWorks on the impacts of COVID-19 shows that residents across the state are deeply worried that they or someone in their immediate family will contract the illness, that half of Marylanders are impacted financially, and large numbers are postponing or canceling major milestones like weddings, schooling, retiring, or relocating.  The representative survey of 612 Maryland adults was conducted April 28 through May 4, 2020.  It has a margin of error of ±4.0%.

“The impacts of COVID-19 that people describe are profound and heartbreaking,” said Steve Raabe, OpinionWorks President and the author of the poll.  “Though economic hardship is widespread, the impact on Marylanders goes far beyond the economy.  People describe a level of stress and sadness over the unknowns of this pandemic, the loss of precious time with parents or grandchildren, and the postponement or cancellation of lifetime milestones like retirement or graduation,” he said.

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The Baltimore Sun/ University of Baltimore/ WYPR Poll:

(May 20, 2020) Our new poll for The Baltimore Sun, WYPR, and University of Baltimore shows a tight three-way race for Baltimore Mayor with many fault lines and movement in voter support in this unusual mail-in contest that could make this anyone’s race.

The poll of 400 people has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9%.

For more detail on the poll's findings: 

Our new poll shows tight races for Baltimore City Council President and Comptroller.  Traditional fault lines in the City’s politics define these races.

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 Measuring Citizen Stewardship

OpinionWorks is privileged to have been selected by the Chesapeake Bay Trust to develop and conduct an innovative Chesapeake Behavior Index, an EPA-funded initiative to measure progress towards a new goal of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement.

The updated Watershed Agreement, signed by the six Bay states, District of Columbia, and Federal Government in 2014, for the first time includes a goal for Citizen Stewardship.  The signatories to the Agreement understand that the health of our waters requires much more than regulatory action, legislation, or large capital projects.  For a healthy Bay, we need the individual participation of the 17 million residents who live within the drainage area of the Chesapeake.

Each resident is a steward of his on her own actions – at home, in our own yards, at work and school, as we move around our neighborhoods and towns, and beyond.  Small actions by each of us will add up to much healthier waters, leading to safer places for our kids and pets to swim; local fish, crabs, oysters, and clams that are much safer to eat; and a Bay that returns to a healthier condition that some can remember from decades ago.

Once developed, this Index will be a public instrument that will keep everyone informed of progress towards the Citizen Stewardship Goal:

Increase the number and the diversity of local citizen stewards and local governments that actively support and carry out the conservation and restoration activities that achieve healthy local streams, rivers and a vibrant Chesapeake Bay.