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Tracking Disposable Bag Consumption in DC

(January 7, 2014) - Four out of five District of Columbia residents are using fewer disposable bags as a result of the District’s 5-cent disposable bag fee, according to our recent surveys of both residents and businesses.  More than three-quarters of businesses are providing fewer disposable bags to their customers, resulting in 50% fewer disposable bags being purchased by businesses compared to before the law was implemented.

The result has been much less plastic bag litter, with two-thirds of both residents and businesses seeing fewer bags in the form of litter around their neighborhoods and properties.  Fifty percent of businesses reported that they were saving money as a result of this law, and only one business in four said they were experiencing any negative impacts from the bag fee.

Overall, substantial majorities of both residents and business owners and managers support the bag fee personally, with 53% of residents and 63% of businesses supporting the law outright.  Only 16% of residents and 8% of businesses said they were bothered by the law, while the rest said they had no feelings about the bag law either way.

For more about this from the District Department of the Environment, click here.

This study in the media:

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Popville, DC's Neighborhood Blog: "Eighty percent of District residents have reduced their disposable bag use."

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Jan 7, 2014, 7:58 AM
Account Administrator,
Jan 7, 2014, 7:58 AM