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UMCES/CBT: Release of Chesapeake Bay behavior change survey

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(January 29, 2016) Just released - Chesapeake Bay behavior change survey, lessons learned and results. 

University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
  Chesapeake Bay Trust

Center Maryland interview: Baltimore City polling

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(January 27, 2016)
  Steve Raabe, President of OpinionWorks, discusses recent statewide polling conducted by OpinionWorks on Baltimore City.  Topics include: feelings/attitudes people have regarding the April 2015 unrest, the dynamics of the city's mayoral race, and the strengthening of the state-city relationship.

To see the entire interview, click here

Center Maryland Interview: Gov. Hogan's Poll Numbers

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(January 5, 2016)
 Steve Raabe, President of OpinionWorks, visits Center Maryland to discuss OpinionWorks' recent polling for The Baltimore Sun on Governor Hogan. In addition to positive job approval numbers, the findings show that two-thirds of both Democrats and Republicans believe Maryland is headed in the right direction. 

The full interview can be found here.

Baltimore Sun editorial: The Life-Saving Tax

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The Baltimore Sun, editorial, "The life-saving tax," January 8, 2016, citing OpinionWorks' 2015 tobacco tax poll.

The Baltimore Sun/ University of Baltimore poll results

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Baltimore mayoral race: 

"Sheila Dixon is early front-runner in Baltimore mayoral race, new poll shows," November 21, 2015, The Baltimore Sun

"Roughly Speaking," podcast by Dan Rodricks: Interview of Steve Raabe on poll results, November 23, 2015, The Baltimore Sun

"New Poll Shows Sheila Dixon is Front-Runner to Win Baltimore Mayoral Race," November 22, 2015, CBS Baltimore

Maryland Senate primary race: 

"Poll finds big lead for Van Hollen in Md. Senate primary," November 22, 2015, The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Unrest:

"Voters statewide, in city see April's unrest differently," November 23, 2015, The Baltimore Sun 

Baltimore Biz Journal: What the Maryland health exchange needs to do

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Community Catalyst: A New Frontier in Health Advocacy in Maryland

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"Campaigning for Quality," a guest blog by Suzanne Schlattman, Deputy Director for Community Outreach and Development at Maryland Citizen's Health Initiative on what they learned from recent focus groups conducted by OpinionWorks on public perceptions about hospital payment in Maryland, and how they applied this information.

Bay Journal: Stormwater Fee

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Inside the Headlines Interview: Public Support for Injured Baby Fund

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(February 8, 2015)  Beth Laverick, President of the Maryland Maternity Access Coalition, and Steve Raabe, Founder and President of OpinionWorks, were interviewed by Center Maryland's Inside the Headlines on the recent poll showing broad public support for the creation of an injured baby fund to help ensure lifetime care for the injured baby.  

Inside the Headlines is a video politicast on Center Maryland which features in-depth conversations on major news happening in Maryland. See the interview here.

Baltimore Sun Poll Results

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